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Up to about 1952 thousands of windchargers had been imported into South Africa for power generation on farms.A few hundred of these old Jacobs, Winpower, Windcharger, Dunlite and other models are still operational on outlying farms. 

I imported the Tornado  500 Watt windcharger from England since 1982.  Although the designer was honoured with the OBE, it disappeared soon.

 Then followed the Whirlwind from USA until they went bankrupt.

Since about 1987, I imported a lot of Whisper 1000 1 Kw windchargers from World Power in Duluth Minnesota. After 14 years in business the owner Elliot Bailey sold the factory to Southwest Windpower.

The present models H40, H80 and 175 are surely the best windchargers money can buy.

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The 1 Kw (H80) in conjunction with 12 24 solar panels produce a lot of power for an independent household. If you wish to be independent and you are in a reasonable windy area, the 175 3 Kw is your answer. 

I installed about 30 of these machines in RSA and Namibia and without exception they supply enough power for a larger household. 

No wind no power unfortunately.

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