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Rf Logger

Monitoring individual cells in a battery bank can be a time consuming job.  Nelson Adams has developed an automatic monitor system without the usual messy wiring.

No time spent on measuring the cell voltages, the RF Logger does it for you without leaving your desk in REAL TIME.

The system consist of the following components:

Measuring unit

Each unit reads three battery cells and communicates to the other measuring units.  Up to 60 measuring units can be connected to each other.  Each unit measures the voltage of three cells only the wiring is thus short and tidy.

Transmitter unit

The transmitter unit is a measuring unit with a built in radio transmitter.  This unit collects all the data and sends it to the receiver unit.  Besides the three cells it measures, it also has a shunt input which measures :

1) Amphour  2) Current  3) Bank voltage  4) Charge time  5) Discharge time  6) cycles. 

All these parameters are measured and stored by the transmitter unit.  Should the receiving computer be shut down, run records are kept up.

Receiver unit

The receiver unit is connected to the serial port of a PC.  This way the PC collects and displays all the data and shows them REAL TIME on the screen.

No wiring is needed form PC to battery bank.

More receivers can be used if the data has to be diverted to more than one PC. 

One receiver unit can handle 16 transmitter units, thus monitoring 16 battery banks at the same time.

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