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Firstly: batteries are the most expensive part of an alternative energy system, TAKE CARE OF THEM.

Regulators are used to protect batteries against overcharging. This can happen when batteries are unattended while being charged. The regulator prevents batteries from overcharging by dumping current (overcharge) into a dummy load in the form of two heater spirals. Up to 70Amps can be dumped into this load.

Nelson Adams regulators use proportional control. This means the more overcharge, the more energy gets dumped into the heater spirals. Only enough amps is allowed into the batteries to keep the voltage constant. Be aware of so called ON/OFF regulators. These regulators switch the load ON or OFF. This means either they dump too less or too much. The ON/OFF switching can cause dips in the battery voltage, which in turn affects the inverter. Especially when charging batteries in poor condition, voltages may shoot up to the full mark even when batteries are not even half full.

Every Nelson Adams regulator has an optional contactor to switch in more useful loads, like a pump or freezer. Three percent below the regulation voltage the contactor gets activated for a minimum of 10 minutes, field adjustable to one hour.  At the end of this period, the voltage is checked again.  


batterie voltage

dump current price USD $
12/24/36/48V 70A R 3250  
24/36/48V 120A R 3750


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