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Cell logger



Cell logger

Not only is the battery bank the most expensive part in an independent system, it is also the most vulnerable : this is where all your power is lost if you are not careful.  Proper maintenance is thus imperative.  To monitor a battery bank easily and quickly without paperwork,  the Battery logger from Nelson Adams is the ideal tool. 

Now one man can monitor a battery bank in a fraction of the time used up to now by at least two people.  The operator does’nt have to read the voltage of the cells.  A beeper will tell him if voltage is measured properly and stored before he can measure the next cell.

A beeper warns if polarity is reversed or should you read two cells (above 3.20 volts). 

The recorded values can be transferred to a computer via a serial cable.  The cell voltages can be analysed graphically with the software supplied.

The readings can be stored as a file in the computer and can be transferred via e-mail to your battery supplier. 

All banks measured are automatically time stamped on the computer file.

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