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All Nelson Adams chargers are equipped with so called secondary control. This reduces stress on the generator. The slow start reduces heavy starting force on generators : it allows the engine to reach operating speed before the charger starts at low amps and gradually increases.

It is good to boost-charge batteries once a month. All Nelson Adams chargers are equipped with this facility. Once the button is pressed, the charger boost-charge the batteries to a higher voltage than normal. Once this voltage is reached, the booster is automatically switched OFF.

Batteries, which are not fully charged regularly, tent to decay quicker than fully charged batteries.  

Three phase 120 and 240 Amp chargers are three seperate 40A, 80A chargers built in one box.


input voltage

output ampere Price USA $
single phase 40A R 9950
single phase 80A R 12950
three phase 120A R 22500
three phase 240A R27500

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